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Adult Faith Formation

Christian education does not end with children and youth at First Presbyterian. Here you will find Bible study and discussion opportunities for adults to come learn, discuss, and pray together.  For more information, contact Nikki Passante:

All Are Welcome - jump in whenever it is convenient!


  • Pastor Nikki’s Bible Study - On Thursdays at 7 p.m. Pastor Nikki is hosting a Bible Study via zoom on the book of Genesis, beginning with chapter 12 and the call of Abram. Entitled “Genesis: Relational and Family Dynamics,” we will be looking at God’s promise to God’s people as it travels through 4 generations of one family, and all the peculiar ways they (and we) try to avoid God’s promise and plan. The Zoom link is, and we will also meet in person at pre-determined times. Please contact Pastor Nikki if you have questions and are interested, or simply join us! Genesis Bible Study Outline
  • Discovering God’s Vision For Your Life: You and Your Spiritual Gifts - Classes will begin on September 17th and will run for 6 weeks, through October 22nd.  We will learn about our Spiritual Gifts- we’ll both take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory and score it.  Topics will include:

    What Does God Want me to Do with My Life? 

    Who Am I?

    What Makes me Unique?

    Your Calling.

    God’s Vision and Your Vision Coming Together.

    This offering is generously provided for by Stephen Ministries in St. Louis.  Questions?  Interested? Contact Pastor Nikki.  All are welcome to attend.

  • Porch Bible Study - The Porch Bible Study gathers on Zoom at 7 p.m. (and at times in person) on scheduled Tuesdays for discussion and fellowship. See bulletin announcements or calendar for dates. For the Zoom link, contact Deb Nussbaum at Feel free to join in even if you haven’t attended previous study sessions. Meets next on July 18th in the Bean Parlor.
  • Sailboat Church - Helping Your Church Rethink Its Mission and Practice by Joan S. Gray - A congregational read. Members continue to discuss this powerful book, which was read by several small groups and members of Session.  Observations and suggestions have been offered by many regarding the importance of prayer, the power of small group gatherings, and ways to minister to our church family and neighbors. Click here to read the notes on an April discussion led by  Nancy Ruth Wainwright

  • The Justice and Advocacy Committee does periodic book studies and brings in occasional speakers. All are welcome. Future meetings will be listed in the Bulletin. For more information, go to the Justice and Advocacy page.
  • Christian Heritage Class - Our 34th Year Learning about Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church through an in-depth study of Church history, theology, art, music—and (sometimes!) pilgrimage travel. Topic for Fall 2023:   Jesus and His Followers. All are invited to join Church historian David Stedman after worship on September 24 and October 1 to learn more about the history of our faith.

    September 24
    :  With Jesus (and His Family) in Galilee  (with help from the 5th Gospel)  The question was: “Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth?” (Nezer=offshoot)   All historians agree that Our Lord was “Jesus of Nazareth.”  But archaeology and epigraphy--the 5th Gospel--further inform us that Jesus was in fact a “Natzorean”—a resident of a recently founded town (Natzorath)  peopled by proud offshoots of the old royal Davidic Family back from the Babylonian exile.  They were apparently not quite ready to to find the Messiah among themselves.    Power-point presentation.

    October 1:
      The 12 Apostles: “The Sent-Out Ones”  Disciples and Apostles are not necessarily the same.  Who were the original Twelve Apostles whom Jesus called to be with Him (the Gospels apparently  differ) , and what do the Gospels, Church history, Apocrypha, and tradition tell us about their mission and their experiences before and after the Resurrection.    Power-point presentation and film excerpt.


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