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Preschool will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th   Cornavirus Closing.pdf 



Coronavirus Concerns - 

Everyday prevention is the best way to combat most illnesses. If your child feels ill, has a fever, cough, vomiting, or diarrhea the day before class, please keep your child home until they are symptom free for 24 hours. 

We routinely keep our classrooms and hallways clean by: 

  • washing tables after crafts or table work
  • washing and disinfecting tables before and after snack
  • having BF Steam wash chairs, tables, floors, bathrooms everyday following classes
  • washing and disinfecting railings and door knobs from the top floor to the bottom floor
  • presenting, modeling, and reinforcing proper health care habits to all our students -(sneeze into your elbow, use tissues, wash hands with soap, tell a teacher if you feel ill)

The Dr. Seuss Experience -

March 2nd is the date we nationally  celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday. Wacky rhymes and quirky characters found their way into the classrooms at Presby! Our 4 year old classes, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Enrichment children were immersed in Dr. Seuss books, crafts, activities, snacks, and silly songs. The children moved around the school and enjoyed a unique experience in each classroom. The rhyming and repetition of sounds in Dr. Seuss books support academic objectives but there are also many important life lessons that can be learned through his stories. Today, children not only learned rhymes but learned that "Fun is Good", there should always be time for silliness!

What’s happening in STREAM?

Preschool work is a study of force and motion all on its own. Children are constantly in motion. Using their everyday actions with objects they encounter is an easy way to begin teaching the concepts of FORCE and MOTION, the current unit of study being explored in our STREAM class. As children play, they may explain why and how things move the way they do and then compare those movements with other objects and activities. In each unit of study in our STREAM classroom, students work together to pull knowledge out of every lesson and push it back into the world around them with energy, enthusiasm, excitement and inquiry. The children are the strongest force of all in this classroom!

STREAM is offered each morning from 9:00-11:30. Curriculum Development includes topics related to Science, Technology, Recreation, Environment, Art and Math at the preschool level. The class is currently available to children attending a PM class. There is also limited availability for current AM students. The cost of STREAM is $18 per day. You can sign up by the day, month, or year! Your child may attend days they have or do not have a regular scheduled nursery school class.

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