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We're getting new hymnals, featuring:


  • Over 250 more songs than our old hymnal!
  • Thinner and lighter than the old hymnal!
  • Created with both tradition and diversity in mind
  • Includes the old standards like "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"
  • Includes newer standards like "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

Extensive Collection
One of the most notable features of the Glory to God Hymnal is its extensive collection of hymns. The hymnal features more than 850 songs, a significant increase from the approximately 600 songs found in the previous hymnal. This broad selection ensures that congregations have access to a wide variety of songs to suit different worship styles and occasions.

Diverse Musical Styles
The Glory to God Hymnal honors tradition while embracing diversity. It includes a wider variety of musical styles, including global music from regions whose songs were not previously heard across the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) — especially indigenous African and Asian music. This diversity enriches worship experiences and fosters inclusivity within congregations.

Physical Attributes
The hymnal is slightly lighter (and thinner) than the 1990 hymnal, making it fit easily into existing pew racks.

Praise and Worship Songs
While the Glory to God Hymnal is not exclusively a praise and worship hymnal, it does feature more praise and worship songs, especially those that have been tried and tested since 1990. These songs offer contemporary expressions of faith, complementing the traditional hymns in the collection.

Educational Resources
The Glory to God Hymnal is more than just a songbook; it’s also an educational resource. The hymnal’s website features several demo videos to help Presbyterians hear some of the new selections and learn how to play and sing them. This feature supports musical education within congregations and encourages active participation in worship.

Resources for Children
The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation has created resources for children that feature songs and prayers from the “Glory to God” hymnal adapted for children.

Mobile Edition
In addition to the physical hymnal, there is also a mobile edition of the Glory to God Hymnal. This version offers powerful search capabilities, sample piano recordings of hymns, interesting information about hymns and their authors, and the ability to access several different versions of hymns. The mobile edition enhances accessibility, allowing individuals to engage with the hymnal anytime, anywhere.

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