Our History

Our History


In 1682, Francis Collins, an English Quaker, became the first European settler in what is now Haddonfield. The area’s first Presbyterian church was established in Woodbury in 1721, only 23 years after the nation’s first Presbyterian church was founded in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1858, Presbyterian worship services began in Haddonfield’s Town Hall. Shortly after, worshippers presented a petition to the Presbytery of West Jersey to arrange for a regular minister to lead their services.


But their plans to organize a church were put on hold due to the Civil War. After fighting ceased and the country’s reconstruction began, 36 Haddonfield worshippers finally prepared, signed, and presented their petition to the Presbytery in 1871. The town’s first pastor began his ministry in 1873.

The church has undergone many changes since those initial worship services. In 1906, Henry D. and Mary Moore financed the present building as a memorial to their son, Gilbert Henry Moore. The three large stained glass windows in the sanctuary were designed and constructed by Tiffany & Co. Beside the chancel, the first window depicts the Soldier of Christ, who is receiving a crown for his good deeds during his lifetime; St. Peter, to his right, holds a scroll listing those deeds. The second window shows Christ in the Temple with the Elders. The Resurrection Window is in the balcony. These windows are one of Haddonfield's greatest treasures. The Christmas Window, under the balcony, was created later by Haddonfield artisan Joseph Batchelor.


Throughout its history, First Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield has made substantial contributions to the area, including the organization of eight local Presbyterian churches and the formation of community organizations such as the Caring Hearts Ministry and Interfaith Caregivers. Community outreach continues through the current church family, who prioritize mission and giving to those in greatest need.



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